Importance of On-Page Optimization

Search engine optimization is all about following guidelines of search engine’s. When you think you need to promote your website to make online presence of yours. you need to know about little bit about search engine guidelines so that your website got index in search engine and comes on the top results when some search according to their requirements.Again I am you need to follow certain search engine guidelines before start promoting this will give more chance to get your online presence sooner. following these guideline to your website known as On-page optimization..  following are guidelines..

Content optimization: –  Content is one of thing that search engine love to have on your website and the content need to fresh i.e your content need not to be copied from from anywhere. If your site had copied content then it is chance that your site hit by Google Panda update. So make sure your site content is unique and fresh. don’t use your main keyword more than 8% on your website webpage.

Title Tag optimization :- Title tag need to be optimized because it is one of the important factor in search engine and according to title tag Google shows your in search result. The length of tile tag not must be greater than 70 char.

URL optimization:-   The url structure of the website must be follow as the page service. below is the good example of the URL optimization if you show online football.

Meta Keyword optimization :- Google reads meta keywords and know that the what your offering and which keywords you want to appear on Search engine search result.

Meta Description Optimization: - Meta description appears on a Google search results page under the Page Title. The meta description helps people decide whether to visit your site or not. This work kike as call to action for any website. Meta description should follow below guidelines :-

The length of meta description should not more than 150 char.
Use your main keywords in description but in correct form.
Provide very good reason why should people visit your site.

Header Tag optimization :- Your website page should have one H1  tag which should contain a your keyword. This H1 tag should appear at the top of the your web page and should be the first thing people see when they arrive on a page.

Internal Linking :- Your website should  go through the internal linking process. That means if mention the main keywords of this page on other pages within your site, then link to this page using the primary keyword as the anchor text. This process is know as Internal linking and it is very important.

Image optimization:- As we know that the search engine can read images so that image optimization is very important. Optimize the most prominent image on the page using the primary keyword, and then use the primary and secondary keywords for any other images. Images optimization can be done in two ways:

File name: Each word should be separated with dashes (-), e.g. dentist-singapore
ALT text: The alt text should match the file name, without dashes, e.g. Dentist Singapore

Canonical error:- Your site must not have Canonical error. Due to Canonical error search engine may understand that your site is having duplicate page and content.
example of if your site having canonical error :- if your site is opening with and without www then your site have canonical error.
opening at
opening at
this is due to canonical error you need to use 301 redirect for  to remove this error.
Robots.txt  File error :- When a search engine visits your site, it looks for a specific file known as robots.txt file and it tell search crawler which page should be indexed and which web page should be it is important to have Robots.txt file in your website.
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