Importance of Press Release Marketing

According to Google new update of 26th Dec that press release has no value for SEO ranking. The new update from Google spam detection team was shocking for everyone because loves content and always gives advantage to those who do quality content promotion.

One of the reasons why it was shocking because because the press release is one of the best ways to build credible links to a business website. Companies choose Press release over Article marketing due to some more added advantage with press release distribution, which includes branding and media exposure.

Why PR goes down :- In early days search engine index press release and helped in link building for companies. As time goes, everybody knows this technique and people are making miss use of it. Today, thousands of press release worthless press release syndication sites. There is so much duplicate content are present on these worthless press release sites.

This could be one of the reasons why Google updates

Google Panda and Penguin update had already downed some SEO tricks. If anybody has knowledge of good SEO then one can understand that over exploited SEO strategies like Press release.

Still google update is not clear some specialist continuously said  that are getting good results and some are saying that no benefit of doing press release promotion.

Dose PR still works :An effective a planned press release promotion still produce good release. Most of the companies put less effort into it. If you put in good effort, then Press release will show very good results. It depends upon your Press release promotion knowledge.

The Syndication trick:The real advantage of PR today is not “Anchor Text” or keyword density or promotion of High Page rank Press release sites. The main trick is that you promote your Press release on good PR syndication site and other highly regarded sites. After using this site after that Keyword and Keyword density matters.
Repatriated sites like PRWeb, PRNewswire aye good for promotion and syndication.

So it is clear that PR is still useful, but it depends upon how you use it.

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