“Marketing Daily” (3rd Prosperity Commitment)

January 3, 2015


There is a “Get Traffic” Tab in our Prosperity Team back office that will allow you to buy “Done For You Traffic”.  I suggest buying this to kick start your marketing while you learn & also investing at least 20% of your earnings into this or other paid marketing strategies you learn on your own!

This section is actually something VERY important!  Companies pay Millions Of Dollars on Marketing because that is the life blood of their business growth…

So sometimes people get into the home based business industry and never spend time marketing!

The #1 income producing activity in our business is getting people to watch the “Prosperity Formula” video!  Really that is what pays us!  A certain percent will always join you based on how many view that video!

With that said.  Below is a guideline for some marketing that we recommend.  I suggest you find your passion. Pick 1 main method in each category (Active & Passive) and RUN with it…

Hint: promoting the lead capture pages are a perfect way to get people to the video!

Passive: (people searching & finding you)

Focus on 1 and MASTER it!

  • Facebook Viral Method (Kevin Sousa training – PT Training Center “Basic” Level Here! )
  • Forum Marketing (1 hour mastermind recording on this subject here! )
  • SEO (Rob Fore Training in PT Training Center “15k Formula” Area Here! )
  • Video Marketing (“15k formula” – EN Backoffice)
  • Banners (training coming soon)
  • Solo Ads (Chris Campbell – PT Training Center “Costa Rica” Level Here!)
  • Facebook PPC (Scott & Niamh PT Training Center “Masters” Level Here!)
  • Youtube PPC (John Mroz – PT Training Center “Masters” Level Here!)
  • Bing PPC (John Mroz – PT Training Center “Masters” Level Here!)
  • Craigslist (this training is old, but some still get it to work: http://leveraged-leadership.com/team/cltraining.php?s1= )

Active: (you going out there and finding people)

Focus on Doing something on this list EVERY DAY till you are at 10k a month!  At that point you can move on to 100% passive methods above…

  • Facebook Chatting (Jessica Higdon Training – PT Training Center “Costa Rica” Level Here!))
  • LinkedIn Messaging
  • Skype Chatting
  • Answering Emails to prospects
  • Live Hangouts or webinars for your list or following
  • Offline Meetings (make money blogging party)

Some people ask me… How many people should we actively get to watch the video each day?

Here is a good guideline:

Part Timers = 2-5 per day
Full Timers = 15-20 per day

…Here are some Lead Magnets to use for people you talk with actively (they lead to your empower link) (be sure to put your Empower Network username at the end)

Facebook Notes:


Craigslist Training:


Easy Backlinks:


You can mask these links!


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To Your Prosperity!

Ayrul Rash
Skype: nastrix78
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ImperialOnlineIncome

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