No Pitch Selling – Team Assignment

December 24, 2014


Watch the below video ( How to complete the daily assignment ) – Everything from doing the blog post, sending the broadcast emails and marketing your business! If you have not watched this video then do it now!


Follow All These 3 Prosperity Commitments Daily! 

(Unless of course you Don’t Want To Earn 10k+ a Month…)


Important Things to keep in mind (on top of the daily assignment) which will dramatically increase your success!

  • Make a commitment to go ALL IN as soon as possible… (watch the “Go All In Even If You Are Broke Training” In the Prosperity Back Office “Basic Level” if you are not All In Yet!)
  • Get to the next live Event and meet the leadership you work with daily here on the prosperity team – Login To Empower Then Purchase Your Ticket Now!
  • Be on the Empower Monday Night Call each week! —- Live # 209-255-1040Replay Number: (209)255-1049 – Participant Access Code: 498575
  • Call all your new $25 signups & welcome them to the team & make sure they have access to the prosperity system and facebook group! (or activate PBA to do it for you (ALL IN level) )


“Blog Daily” (1st Prosperity Commitment)

> Part 1 – Post Value Content:

Come Up With A Concept!    

Then Create a Video Blog or a Written Blog based on that concept!

(We also have done for you video blogs posted below for you to use) No Excuses!

Good format for your blog is:

  • Value Content
  • Call To Action
  • Signature (image of you, contact info & a PS promoting your business, tool or resource)…

BONUS: “Done For Your Content” For Today!


Join our team for advanced training in marketing on Facebook!

In this video, Scott Z. shares how to sell on Facebook without pitching.

Lead with value and include a call to action!



> Part 2 - Get Eyeballs On Your Blog:

Here is my bullet proof list of places I send my blog!

Use Empowers Bad @$$ Button or to mask your EN URL so it can be posted to social media!  (only use this for social media… Use the main EN URL for any of the social bookmarking or SEO tools)

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Google Plus
  3. Tweet It
  4. Facebook (with uploaded image to FB)
    Have a Fan Page?  If you have a Fan Page… Post to that first then share the Post on your Facebook Profile…
  5. Facebook Groups (Post in 5-10 groups)
  6. Forums (5-10 comments in high traffic threads with your signature to your new blog post for the day)
  7. Email Your Lists (Aweber, Getresponse, GVO or what ever autoresponder you have)

Optional But Effective:

  1. Social Monkey (I use this for all my blog posts & youtube videos…)
  2. Social Adr (Kind-of the same as Social Monkey just more)
  3. Email Your Team your blog (back office mailer in EN) – Build a bond and create synergy with them…

Want to SEO your posts and videos?

If you are looking for added SEO (getting blogs ranked in the search engines) training be sure to login to our prosperity team back office… Under Training Center… Click 15k Formula Level and go through Rob Fores SEO training for how to rank all your content easier!


> Part 3 - Build Up Your Social Following (to maximize Part 2 above)

The 4 main ones to build up would be: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google +…

I suggest posting Content on different Facebook groups Daily (spend about 15 minutes a day on this)

The purpose of this is to get as many friends, followers and fans to your Facebook so when you post your blog to your own wall they SEE it! In the past we had you post the blog in groups directly! The problem with that is people overlook it because so many others are doing the same thing!!!

I suggest posting things like

  • Facebook Videos
  • Images with Quotes On them
  • Just written quotes
  • Images with Actual written content! It can have a capture page link or blog link if written long enough…
  • Value Blog Posts

Quick Tip: Another Good Way is to comment on other peoples posts that have a lot of people commenting on… It sends a notification to everyone on that post that you left a comment!  This will help increase your friend requests too!

This will make you stand out from the crowd & people will click your name and add you as a friend and or follow you!

Once they are friends… Send them a welcome message pointing them to your fan page or Facebook group on their wall!

Something like: Hey (name), glad to be connected with you on Facebook… I am actually more active over on my Facebook Fan Page here: Would love to chat sometime… Make it a great day!

(In Facebook I suggest spreading out your posts within groups… 5-10 at a time… No more than 40 per day to stay under the radar…)

(Not sure LinkedIn or Google + has a limit as of right now)

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To Your Prosperity!

Ayrul Rash
Skype: nastrix78
Facebook Page:

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