Penguin 2.1 update & Its Recovery

October 4th Google has update 5th edition of the penguin update named as Penguin 2.1. It has not same as impact as penguin 2.0 has. It affects only 1% of the Google search. This is Google’s new Spam Hunting algorithm.This is Google 5th Penguin update.

What is Penguin Update:-

Google first 
launched Penguin update in April 2012 better catch sites results to be spamming its search result. This update hit those sites and decreased those sites ranking which was violating Google Webmaster Guideline or doing Black hat SEO techniques which involve in increasing artificially the ranking of a web page by manipulating the number of links pointing to page.
First Penguin had hit 3.1% of English Website and 3% of other language website search result.
After new first Penguin update Google has updates several penguin update and the latest update known as Penguin 2.1 and unlike other update this update hit less number of sites approximately .97 to 1 % of sites search result.
Some of reason why your site is hit by Google penguin update:-
a. Paid Backlinks
b. Low quality backlinks
c. large no of backlinks with optimized anchor text
d. Excessive no of link exchange
e. Text advertisement that pass page rank
Penguin updates so far
Penguin 1.0   24th April 2012
Penguin 1.2   26th May 2012
Penguin 1.3   Oct 2012
Penguin 2.0  May 2013  and the latest
Penguin 2.1 Oct 2013
Now we are directly coming to Penguin 2.1.
After announcing Google Penguin 2.1 Google has said that this update will affect only 1% of site search result. This Update will not have same effect as same penguin 2.0 has but still it will affect those sites which are doing Spamming of anchor text mainly.
Before recovery from Penguin you must know Is that your site has been hit by Google update.
I personally recommend you to continuously monitor your search traffic not of PPC campaign (if running) after a Google update. If your traffic is down dramatically drops during this time, it’s due to a Penguin update. Monitor your traffic from Google analytics.

Their are several you need to follow to recover from Google penguin update.
Step 1 :- Identify the Bad backlinks.
Step 2 :- Remove as many as bad backlinks.
Step 3 :- Disavow remaining links
Step 4 :- File a Google reconsideration request
Step 5 :- Execute a Quality and strategic content marketing campaign.


Google penalty can be very hard to recover some time, but if you have done hard work for getting back your traffic and Google search engine ranking, then Google will reconsider it and you will get back your ranking.

If you want
To Your Prosperity!

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